Denomination of the variety: FRUATFRI
Breeder: Reto Neuweiler, 8467 Truttikon/CH

Plant: Summer-bearing variety. Weak remontant tendency. Producing more young shoots than Tulameen. Medium to strong growing. Experience to date shows low susceptibility to root rot and Phytophthora. Noticeably less sensitive to winter frost than Tulameen.

Fruit: Fruit size comparable to Tulameen (5-6g). Good fruit firmness that allows for easy transport. Light red colour which does not darken. Roundish cone shape. Berries release easily from the resceptacle. Intensive, agreeable sweet taste.

Maturity: Beginning of harvest in the lower lying areas of Switzerland around 25 June, roughly one week earlier than Tulameen. Harvest duration about four weeks.

Particulars: Striking light fruit colour and intensive taste with low acidity-content. Interesting quality properties and early maturity may open new perspectives in early cultivation.

Robust Summer-Raspberry
with high yields,
10 days earlier than Tulameen

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